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Total Legal Guidelines for Executing your California ...

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Financial Power of AttorneyPage 1 of 2California Signing Guidelines800 Fifth Ave. Suite 101-415Seattle, WA Legal Guidelines for Executing your California Financial Durable Power of Attorney Items Included in your Download1)Your Financial Durable Power of Attorney. The length of this document can be up to fifteen pages depending on which powers you are granting your Attorney-in-Fact (also referred to as your Agent ). The final two pages of your Power of Attorney are the last numbered pages of the download and contain spaces for your signature and the signatures of your for signing (executing) a Valid Financial Durable Power of AttorneyCalifornia has certain requirements and formalities that must be followed to properly sign a Financial Durable Power of Attorney: 1 The first most basic requirement of a valid Durable Power of Attorney is that it must be in The next requirement is that the Principal (the person creating the Financial Durable Power of Attorney) must sign it with the intent of creating a valid Power of Attorney. Ideally, you should sign your full legal name the same way it would appear on other legal documents. If you are unable to sign your document, we suggest you consult with a local attorney about properly executing your Power of California requires that a Notary Public witness the signing of the document. WitnessesCalifornia does not require another witness other than the Notary Public. The Notary Public does not need to read the entire Power of Attorney, but should read and complete the section preceding his or her Durable Power of Attorney Signing CeremonyIt is important that these steps be performed in the following order:1 Prepare by printing the entire Financial Durable Power of Bring your unsigned Power of Attorney to a Notary State in a voice that is clearly audible that you declare this (the unsigned document) to be your Financial Durable Power of Attorney and that you are asking the person present to act as witness to the Financial Durable Power of Attorney and to your Initial and date each page of the Power of Attorney in the spaces provided at the lower right hand corner of each page. Enter your Social Security Number and the date on the signature page of the Sign the Financial Durable Power of Attorney in the space provided on the last page of the document above the line <Your Name>, Principal in full view of the Notary Public. Financial Power of AttorneyPage 2 of 2California Signing Guidelines6 The Notary Public then signs the document and affixes his or her seal. Sign only one copy of the Financial Durable Power of the CeremonyAfter the Financial Durable Power of Attorney is signed, it should be placed in a safe place known to others. You may make photocopies available to select people such as your Attorney-in-Fact (Agent). Your Agent should also have access to the original document, as some financial institutions may require proof of the original document before allowing your Agent to act on your behalf.

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