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REFERRAL COMMISSION AGREEMENT This Referral Commission Agreement (the “Agreement”) is entered into on _____ by and between ...


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REFERRAL COMMISSION AGREEMENTThis Referral Commission Agreement (the Agreement ) is entered into on ____________________ by andbetween __________________________________ (hereinafter Broker ) with its principle place ofbusiness located at______________________________________ ______________________________ andthe Cash Flow People Group LLC (hereinafter the Company ) located at 2400 Roland Road,Petersburg, VA 23805. WHEREAS, the Company is in the business of providing clients to private and corporate lenders andinvestors through referral contacts on a commission basis, and solicits referrals for new clients under theCompany's Referral Program for the same purpose, andWHEREAS, the Broker is in the business of providing new referral contacts to the Company per theReferral Program as published at the Company's website: , THEREFORE, for valuable consideration, the receipt, adequacy and sufficiency of which is herebyacknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows: 1. The Company shall pay to the Broker a one time referral commission per new contact ofup to 10% of the Company's commission from a lending source, up to a maximumreferral fee of $ , for a completed transaction between the lender and newcontact. A minimum lender funding amount may apply based on the lender's fundingcriteria. The Company will inform the Broker of any such requirement. 2. The Company will pay the Broker's referral commission fee within 15 business days ofreceipt of the Company's commission fee from the This agreement shall be deemed to have been negotiated and drafted by both parties ofequal bargaining position; its provisions shall be interpreted in accordance with the plainmeaning of the words used and shall not be construed strictly in favor of, or against, anyparty. 4. The Broker understands and agrees that the Company shall be entirely free to accept orreject any proposal that the Broker provides. the extent Broker introduces the Company to new contacts that have not previouslybeen funded by the Company's lenders, and a contact's funding request contract comesdirectly to the Company from the contact, the Broker's name must appear on theCompany contract submitted by the contact as the referral source in order for acommission to be The Broker is an independent contractor. The Company will not withhold any taxes andthe Broker will not be entitled to any benefits, such as unemployment insurance, medicalFORM CFPG_RCA 2015 Cash Flow People Group LLCInitials: , pension plans, or other such benefits. Form W-9 will be required for The Broker understands and agrees that they do not have an exclusive marketing Either party can terminate this agreement by providing 30 days written notice to the otherparty. However, the Broker shall still be entitled to receive compensation to which it isentitled pursuant to the compensation arrangement made above between the Company andthe In the event of any legal action to enforce this agreement, said action shall be adjudicatedin the jurisdiction of the Company and shall be interpreted according to the laws of theState of the Company, and the prevailing party shall be entitled to recover its actual legalfees and expenses incurred in such action from the unsuccessful A facsimile of this document shall be deemed and considered as an original, binding andenforceable WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties have executed the Agreement as of _________________, 2012. By: ______________________________________ Cash Flow People Group LLC ( the Company ) ________________________________________ __________________________ ( Broker's Name ) ________________________________________ __________________________ ( Broker's Company ) ________________________________________ __________________________ ( Broker's Address ) Please contact the Company for fax instructions or scan and email this referral agreement Contact Information: ________________________________________ ___________________________ Phone NumberCell Phone___________________________________ Fax Number ________________________________________ ___________________________ Email Address Skype IDFORM CFPG_RCA 2015 Cash Flow People Group LLCInitials:

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