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Product Data Sheet - Trane

2 BAS-PRC036-EN Specifications Dimensions Category Specification/Description Input power: 24Vac, 50 Hz or 60 Hz (18 Vac to 32 Vac) Wire size: 18 to 22 AWG


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Text of Product Data Sheet - Trane

Trane ThermostatsProgrammable and Non-programmableJuly 2011BAS-PRC036-ENProduct Data SheetTraneoffersalineofprogrammableandno n-programmablecommercialthermostatsforco nventional(rooftop)air conditioners and heat pumps. Features and benefits include: Intuitive Liquid Crystal Display are easy to use and read for all users and languages. Soft-touch Buttons or Touch Screen both are easy and responsive for setup. Configurable permits usage in conventional (RTU) systems or heat pumps with and without auxiliary heat. Dehumidification only with touch screen NumbersModelX CodeClarksvilleGlobal PartsThermostat, non-programmable, 1-heat/1-coolX13511535010 BAYSTAT151ATHT02772Thermostat, non-programmable, 3-heat/2-coolX13511536010 BAYSTAT155ATHT02773Thermostat, programmable, 3-heat/2-coolX13511537010 BAYSTAT150ATHT02774Thermostat, programmable, touch screen, 3-heat/2-cool/dehumidificationX135115380 10 BAYSTAT152ATHT027752BAS-PRC036-ENSpecifi cationsDimensionsCategorySpecification/D escriptionInput power: 24Vac, 50 Hz or 60 Hz (18 Vac to 32 Vac)Wire size: 18 to 22 AWGOutput terminal ratings: 1A resistive load @ 30 VacTemperature display ranges: Non-programmable: 32 F to 99 F (0 F to 37 C) Programmable Push Button: +15 to +122 F ( to +50 C) Programmable Touch Screen -45 F to 199 F ( C to C)Temperature setpoint ranges: Heat Setpoint: 40 F to 90 F ( C to 32 C) Cool Setpoint: 50 F to 99 F (10 C to 37 C)Display type: LCDSystem modes: Heat Cool Auto Off Emergency Heat (NO Emergency Heat on 1H/1C non-programmable model)Fan modes: On AutoOnly Programmable:Remote temperature sensor:The thermostat includes terminals for a remote temperature sensor. They can be used for display, H/C control, or heat pump compressor lockout. The remote sensor must be 10K type 2. Recommended sensors include: Zone Temperature Sensor BAYSENS077A (X1351152801, SEN01488) or Duct Temperature Sensor BAYSTAT170A (41901133, SEN01287)Scheduling options:5/2 day; 5/1/1 day; 1 day; 7 day. Two (Day/Night) or four (Morning/Day/Evening/Night) configurable periods per override: Users can temporarily change the temperature setpoints, fan mode, and/or occupancy setting from the programmed :System, fan, and/or schedule settings can be locked out individually on the programmable push button model. The touch screen locks out all functions at the same time except for Clean Screen and Filter Change Touch Screen:Remote humidity sensor:Touch screen thermostat has an internal humidity sensor and is capable of including a remote humidity sensor. The remote humidity sensor must be a 4 20 mA, 24 Vdc type. Recommended humidity sensors: Wall Mount BASYSENS036A (X1379044401, SEN01177) and Duct Mount 4190 7020 (X1379044501).Humidity display range: 0% to 99% (1% steps)Humidity setpoint range: 30% to 80% (1% steps)DimensionProgrammableNon-Programma bleProgrammable in. (119 mm) in. (119 mm) in. (85 mm) in. (83 mm) in. (78 mm) in. (150 mm) in. (28 mm) in. (28 mm) in. (33 mm) in. (85 mm) in. (85 mm) in. (85 mm)WHDMTwo (2) slots for standard #8-32 (M4), 2 x4 junction box mounting TerminalsLabelDescriptionNon-Programmabl eProgrammable1Heat/1Cool3Heat/2Cool3Heat /2CoolTouch Screen(O/B)W(Changeover valve)(a) Heat relay (Aux/E)W2(Auxiliary or Emergency heat relay)(a) Second stage heat(a) Text in parentheses applies to only heat pump systems. (W1)W2(Emergency heat relay)(a) Second stage relay AEconomizer relay CCommon DhDehumidify relay GFan relay HpExternal humidity sensor power HsExternal humidity sensor input (L)(Emergency heat indicator relay)(a) R24 Vac heating Rc24 Vac cooling S1External temperature sensor S2External temperature sensor YStage 1 compressor control relay Y2Stage 2 compressor control relay Trane optimizes the performance of homes and buildings around the world. A business of Ingersoll Rand, theleader in creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and energy efficient environments, Trane offers a broadportfolio of advanced controls and HVAC systems, comprehensive building services, and parts. For moreinformation, visit has a policy of continuous product and product data improvement and reserves the right to change design and specifications without notice. 2011 Trane. All rights 28 July 2011Supersedes BAS-PRC036-EN 01 Mar 2010

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