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Print and cut When you take the HP Designjet L26500 Printer and add the Summa S160 cutter, two beats one Eliminate unproductive waiting time and speed time






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Print and cutWhen you take the HP Designjet L26500 Printer and add the Summa S160 cutter, two beats oneEliminate unproductive waiting time and speed time to deliverySave 24 hours in drying time with immediate lamination. With HP Latex printing, prints come off the HP Designjet L26500 Printer completely dry so you can go straight from printing to lamination. Improve the durability of your print and cut applications, without slowing your your workflow and get more optionsSeparate high-speed print and cut equipment provides flexibility in addition to high performance. Produce your print and cut applications faster with the high-speed performance of the HP Designjet L26500 Printer and the Summa S160, with 4 times the cutting speed(1. Cut more material with up to 600 grams of cutting force. And with separate equipment, improve overall productivity. When you have a job that s print only or cut only you re not tying up the other more accurate and reliable performanceAvoid alignment problems that can occur due to media irregularities registration marks enable correct adjustment and alignment. And side-step the dust accumulation generated by integrated print and cut devices troublesome dust can reduce printer ) Based on the cutting speed of the Summa S160 cutter at 1414 mm/second compared to integrated print and cut more options and speed your delivery time for decal and sticker applications with the HP Designjet L26500 Printer and the Summa S160 cutter equipped with OPOS X: Laminate immediately after printing with prints that come out completely dry Two dedicated high speed devices enable high-speed production of print and cut applications Reduce total production time when printing more than one job start the next print job while you finish up cutting the last one For jobs that are print or cut only, free up the other device Improve accuracy with registration marks Print more material with cutting force up to 600 grams See more reliable printing performance without the dust accumulation that can impact performance with integrated devicesTo learn more, visit 2012 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. HP shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained , March 2012HP Designjet L26500 Printer seriesModelsHP Designjet L26500 Printer seriesDescriptionCommercial printer designed for printing proofs or very short runs directly onto the production mediaMaximum Media Width155 cm (61 in)Media VersatilityCoated and uncoated non woven, fabric-backed vinyl, paper-backed vinyl, pre-pasted PVC-free, paper, peel & stick, and moreImage Quality1200 dpi, 6 colorsPrint SpeedsUp to 22,8 m /hr (246 ft2/hr)Media LoadingUp to 40 kg (88 lb)Ink TechnologyHP Latex Inks (water based)Summa S160 cutterModelsS75T, S120T, S140T, S160TCut TypeTrue tangential cuttingTool CompatibilityBlade, pen, pounce tool, ballpoint, fibreMaximum Media WidthS75T 84cm, S120T 130cm, S140 145cm, S160 168cmMedia ThicknessUp to WidthsS75 T - cm, S120 T - 120 cm, S140 T - 135 cm, S160 T - 158 cmExtended mode: width of the materialCut Speed1000 mm/s axial maximum1414 mm/s radial maximumCut AccelerationUp to Force0-600 grams, in 5 gram stepsAlignment SystemOPOS X: Up to 128 alignment marks per job Works also on reflective and laminated media Automated workflow with barcodeConnectivityUSB, RS-232, (wireless lan optional)Standard AccessoriesWinplot (Windows OS) and MacSign (Mac OS) cut software, cutter control parameter software 2 standard blades, holder and nosepiece, 1 thick material blade and nosepiece, ballpoint pen, pounce tool and holdersTechnical specificationsCompare the solution powered by two best-in-class performers, the HP Designjet L26500 Printer and the Summa S160 cutter, to integrated print and cut solutions. You ll find more than just two pros, and no

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